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Torino – TUC S.r.l., the start-up known for its "USB of mobility" solution kicked-off just before the end of an incredible 2022, "UNVEIL THE UNEXPECTED"

The TUC 3.0 development series, where Ludovico will guide Liam, the little “tech nosey” drone, to know more about the secrets of the Future Mobility revolution.

Ludovico and Liam will meet the members within the brand new scenery of the TUC.hub.
“UNVEIL THE UNEXPECTED” EPISODE 2 continues the “unboxing” of TUC 3.0 from its foundations: the Electronics.

Come with us and meet Ludovico Campana, Co-Founder and CEO of, and Alessandro Berruti, Engineering Leader, who will guide Liam and all of you through the inspiration, the challenges and the technological solutions that will allow TUC 3.0 to be “the first of its kind”: a unique and uncommon universal interface for any possible current and future vehicle/device combination.

A challenging development work inspired by the ecosystem concept: a system where all the components are linked together exchanging energy and data.

Exactly what TUC 3.0 will do with all its components you will discover little by little, an ecosystem created to interact and serve the vehicles and their devices.

But this is just the beginning.

Follow us in the upcoming “UNVEIL THE UNEXPECTED” episodes to complete the unboxing of each component of the TUC 3.0 ecosystem.

You will understand why is really the “first of its kind”.
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TUC S.r.l is a Deep Tech company founded by Ludovico Campana (Co-founder, Inventor & CEO) and Sergio Pininfarina (Co-founder & President). is a patented, brand new and disruptive technology to revolutionize the future of mobility and re-define the concept of vehicle. It has been exhibited in the major tech fairs all over the world like CES in Las Vegas, VIVATECH in Paris and GITEX Global in Dubai reaching an impressive Media coverage.


TUC 1.0 and 2.0 technology releases have been presented in 2 vehicles prototypes.


TUC 3.0 release will represent the industrialized version to be presented in 2023 for starting the future mobility revolution.


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