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15/12/2023 and ZER01NE, Hyundai Motor Group Open Innovation Platform, Technological collaboration. and ZER01NE, Hyundai Motor Group Open Innovation Platform, to start a technological collaboration focused on future human-centric mobility vehicles. 


After the successful launch of the industrialized 3.0, TUC S.r.l. is focused on unleashing the revolution of new vehicle concepts through a range of ready to use plug&play solutions enabling the complete internal and external modularity providing huge cost saving and vehicle life cycle extension based on the international patent

A success confirmed by the agreement with ZER01NE, operated by Hyundai Motor and Kia, which nurtures relationships with and fosters the growth of external startups worldwide. ZER01NE bolsters Hyundai Motor Group’s global strategy to engage with new companies and foster breakthrough technical advances. 


ZER01NE and TUC S.r.l. will build an innovation roadmap aiming at “full in-vehicle modularity” based on dedicated projects to be implemented in the coming months leveraging the full application of the patented solutions for future mobility. 

This new project collaboration builds on success of previous ZER01NE collaborations, and leverage on the disruptive technology developed by TUC s.r.l. to deliver benefits beyond automotive and mobility sectors to enhance humanity.


“We are excited to start this collaboration agreement based on an important roadmap with ZER01NE, it's the demonstration of the strategic potential of to achieve the paradigm shift in the mobility industry” - says Ludovico Campana, Inventor and CEO of TUC s.r.l.  - “TUC open a completely new way to create the next generation of human-centric vehicles transforming their use and meaning from a pure mobility tool to a living and customizable mobility space consistent with the new social needs for the near future.  In short - continues Campana - it will no longer be the user who follows the life cycle of the vehicle, but the vehicle will be able to support the "life cycle" of users and adapt to their evolving needs.

This is just the beginning of the journey to spread as the new standard to build new vehicle architectures, the true USB of human-centered mobility."

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ZER01NE is Accelerator program, operated by Hyundai Motor and Kia, which nurtures relationships with and fosters the growth of external startups worldwide. Since the Group introduced the ZER01NE Accelerator in 2018, 125 teams from 11 affiliates of the Group and 96 startups have worked together on 80 collaborative projects.

This has led to 51 startups successfully receiving equity investments from the Group Looking forward, Hyundai Motor and Kia will continue their investment in and commitment to the ZER01NE Creative Platform as it nurtures early-stage startups and transforms their concepts into reality.

This will enable the Group to cement its lead in fields such as AI, Smart Mobility, Smart City, New Energy, Logistics and Robotics.  As always, the reach of ZER01NE will extend much further than the automotive and mobility sectors, as it seeks to deliver technological solutions that benefit all of humanity.



TUC S.r.l is a Deep Tech company that enables plug&play modularity and cost reduction in vehicles through the development of the TUC international patents., based on an International patent, redefines the concept of vehicle following the guiding values of simplicity and progress, A new and disruptive technology to revolutionize the future of mobility through solutions for the development of vehicles as truly human-centered modular spaces.

 has been exhibited around the world such as CES in Las Vegas, VIVATECH in Paris, GITEX Global in Dubai, Milan Design Week, achieving impressive media coverage and consensus. was exhibited at the Italian National Automobile Museum, MAUTO, as a key vehicle re-defining element.


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