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ROAD TO TUC 3.0 – and SILA Group to cooperate for developing technology for the mobility revolution. and SILA Group join forces for the upcoming TUC 3.0 launch.

In view of TUC 3.0 unveil, TUC S.r.l. and SILA Group joined forces to develop advanced technology together and further highlight the industrial applicability of 

SILA Group, founded in 1943 by Edoardo Brero, is one of the most important global players in the production and distribution of gear shifting systems and flexible remote-control cables for major car manufacturers worldwide.

The partnership aims at developing new devices to be connected to the vehicle through patented solutions.


The partnership with SILA Group reinforces the “Made in Italy” advanced technology message that TUC is promoting since the beginning of its journey.

SILA Group is an Italian technological leader and will represent a relevant addition to the Excellence Program. Launched since the beginning of TUC journey, the Excellence Program has the ambition of developing the disruptive applications with prestigious partners to further highlight the feasibility, concreteness and its strategic use in industry.


We have embraced the TUC Excellence Program with the aim of developing new active haptic devices that talk to the vehicle using solutions. Sila, continues Edoardo Pavesio President of Sila and third generation of entrepreneurs, has in the last years accelerated the development of components for BEV and Hybrid vehicles in line with the ongoing process of technological change for carbon neutrality, focusing on the customers and markets needs and leveraging its ability to innovate in a flexible and dynamic way .”

The new mobility world will be enabled by the perfect integration by current and future technologies this is what is going to do by introducing TUC 3.0. Explains Ludovico Campana Co-Founder & CEO of TUC Allowing full modularity in the vehicles according to the user needs is the reason why we are engaging the most valuable industry leaders in every area, such as SILA Group for a tangible automotive application”. is the basis on which will be possible to build the vehicles of the future, it shifts the concept of the vehicle from defined to definable, completely reformulating what users can do on board. TUC transforms the use and meaning of the vehicle: from a pure mobility tool to a space to be inhabited and configured according to the needs of each user. The technology patented by TUC allows, in fact, to customize the vehicle by integrating "devices" of various kinds and making the mobility experience tailored to each user. 


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Sila (originally Società Italiana per la Lavorazione Acciai) was founded in 1943 by Edoardo Brero. Today the Sila group consists of 6 production plants (2 in Italy and 4 abroad) employing more than 1,000 people and is one of the most important global players in the production and distribution of gear shifting systems and flexible remote control cables for major car manufacturers worldwide.

In 1966, Oreste Brero, took over the family company. He promoted a development plan focused on engineering enhancement and the complete customisation of the products according to customer’s specific requirements. In that period, his experience pushed the Company to grow as liable partner, able to support the customer from the very beginning of any programs, thanks to the use of fast and robust prototype technics.

In the Eighties, Sila was the first Company in Europe to develop and produce a complete Gearshifting System based on flexible cables technology (Fiat Uno TD). This system shortly replaced the existing technology (rod linkage) thanks to its capacity to improve the comfort of the vehicle.

Thanks to the rapid growth as a consequence of the success of its products, SILA increased its production capacity in Italy (new plants in South Italy), in Europe (France and Poland) and, later on, in South America (Argentina, Brazil) and Turkey. All SILA plants, highly verticalized, produce most of the components used in the final product (plastic injection and cable / conduit production).

In 2000, the R&D Center moved into a new Site, in order to host the new advanced NVH and electronic laboratories.

Aside the Manual Transmission Shifter system, SILA applied its experience to Automatic Transmission (1994) and, most recently to Full-by-Wire Shifting solutions also for electrified vehicles. 

Today SILA is proudly a private owned company, led by the successors of the founder. It is working with all OEMs and has active programs with Research Institution (Politecnico di Torino).

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TUC S.r.l is a Deep Tech company founded by Ludovico Campana (Co-founder, Inventor & CEO) and Sergio Pininfarina (Co-founder & President).

TUC S.r.l developed a patented, brand new and disruptive technology to revolutionize the future of mobility through solutions for developing vehicles as true modular human centric spaces. re-defines the concept of vehicle following the guiding values of simplicity and progress, it has been exhibited in the major tech fairs all over the world like CES in Las Vegas, VIVATECH in Paris and GITEX Global in Dubai reaching an impressive Media coverage. has been presented in 2 vehicles prototypes with the release TUC 1.0 and 2.0, both exhibited at the National Automobile Museum of Turin as a symbol of the redefinition of the vehicle. 

TUC 3.0 industrialized version will be presented in 2023 to be applied on all mobility vehicles for starting the future mobility revolution. 


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